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Get help from experienced transportation insurance agents licensed in Florida to write commercial auto and commercial trucking insurance right now.

Commercial auto insurance in the State of Florida is easy to find with us.
Commercial auto and truck insurance in Florida, our trained brokers easily shop the markets for you.

We will be glad to help you compare Florida commercial auto insurance for your business.  We insure most types of companies from a single handyman to large fleets of semi’s, box trucks, sedans, suv’s and hundreds of other business types. Established companies to brand new startups welcome.

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Get help from our experienced licensed insurance agents and transportation brokers in Florida to write commercial auto and commercial trucking insurance right now. We can insure a local one person business for local use or a large fleet of tractor trailers. Get caring competent help now with easy help request form. Fast state and federal filings done for your if needed.

We can help design the complete commercial auto insurance package that protects your company and meets your specific requirements for primary auto liability, cargo coverage, physical damage coverage or non rucking liability and musch more.

FL Commercial automobile coverage

If your business owns, leases or operates motor vehicles, you must obtain commercial  automobile coverage. Requirements and options vary, so check with your insurance agent to determine what types of coverage  you need. You should also contact your city and county government and the U.S. Department of Transportation to check for any other requirements. Commercial motor vehicle coverage is similar to the auto insurance most people carry on their personal cars. Most policies include property coverage for your vehicle, as well as liability coverage for damage caused by an employee driving a company vehicle.

If you are using your personal automobile for a business purpose, you may not be covered, as the rules and guidelines are different for each insurance company. Review the business use of your personal auto with your licensed commercial auto insurance broker to make sure that you are covered properly. Visit us if you are looking for a low cost Florida commercial truck insurance quote.

Certain business professionals, such as contractors or engineers, are required by their customers to carry insurance for all vehicles in service to their business, whether owned by the business or not. For example, an independent contractor or engineer may be working on a large job site. Their client may require a specific level of commercial coverage before awarding the job to make sure any vehicle associated with the job is covered.

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